Mango Ice Cream Premix

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Make creamy and refreshing ice creams at home with Richday Mango Ice Cream premix powder. The best part about Richday Premix is that it enables you to make homemade ice creams easily.

  • Authentic mango flavors to tantalize your palate. With a smooth, creamy texture our ice cream mixes are filled with the sheer goodness of mango. The tropic flavor is a hit because it isn’t too sweet or too bland. With a fruity taste and a hint of sugar, our instant ice cream mixes taste like a real fresh mango.
  • Easy to make, tasty to serve. Now all the ice cream recipes over the web can go for a tour. Because with Richday instant mango premix, you can make delectable mango ice cream with an unbelievably creamy consistency just in minutes.
  • Low calories, to keep you thin. We are very particular about your calorie count. This is why we have manufactured an ice cream mix that can be your guilty pleasure without you gaining a pound. Our ice creams have low fat and fewer calories, so that you can keep your diet on while cherishing the sweet mango flavored delights.
  • Assurance of quality - Our ice cream mix is made with real Alphonso mango pulp extracts, and it is 100% vegetarian with quality ingredients like sugar, dextrose, edible starch, permitted natural colors, and milk solids.
  • Can be used in a multitude of recipes. Why just ice creams? Our instant mango ice cream remix can be used to pack that mango punch in shakes and smoothies or even in floods when added in an optimum amount. Or you can just make your ice cream and serve a scoop with shakes, cupcakes, or waffles. Mango ice creams aren’t just a flavored dessert, they are a whole mood. So be ready to get your hands on this amazing ice cream whenever your sweet tooth craves a treat.

Direction To Use - 

Empty content of pack in 1 & half liter of milk and heat to boil for 2 minutes with constant stirring till it becomes a homogeneous mixture.

The Richday Ice Cream Mixture is then cooled and poured in molds.

Put the molds in the freezing compartment of the refrigerator. The Ice Cream will in set 2 hours. Remove the molds end beat with spoon or in a mixture till it becomes smooth. At this stage the ice cream can be served or it desired, after beating put the ice cream back in the molds and cover it with cap and freeze until ice cream firm and of the required consistency. 

Ingredients - 

Milk Solid, Sugar, Edible Starch, Contains Permitted Natural Colors. 

Nutrition Values -