Nimbupani Drink Powder

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Richday NimbuPani Drink Powder is a refreshing punchy lemon drink without the hassle of squeezing lemons & mixing other ingredients. Nothing like a glass of Lemon Drink to refresh you, even on the hottest and most tiring days!

Burn your fats For a fitness freak, Nimbupani can be the one-stop solution to shed fats and keep those extra pounds of fat away.

Keep Your Skin Clean

If you don’t know that lemon is the perfect ingredient to keep your skin flawless. It is rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants to energize your skin and make it look radiant. So better go for Nimbupani over the dark coffee or tasteless green teas and let your skin glow.

A Refreshing Beverage to Drive Off the Stress

Richday nimbupani is the perfect combo of sweet and sour. The color, consistency, and everything is amazing enough to make you forget the woes of your bad day. The sweet and sour lemon drink is a delight to make any day sprightly and fun.

No Added Preservatives

Our nimbupani consists of ingredients like sugar, acidity regulators, vitamins, stabilizers, food color, and lemon fruit powder. Besides, there are minerals like ferrous citrate and tri-calcium phosphate as well. There are no added preservatives and so you can drink your nimbupani without any added stress or toxic fillers.

Bring Back The Childhood Days

Do you remember those scorching hot days when your mother used to make you a glass of cool, refreshing nimbupani after your Gali cricket sessions? Then reinvigorate the nostalgia and bring back the days of your childhood when you make nimbupani for your kids in the same way.