Salty Lassi Drink

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Salty Lassi provides calcium and Vitamin B12 to the body. Lassi contains good bacteria that lubricate the intestines, aid digestion and helps to reduce gas and bloating.

The Taste of Punjab

When we say we make nothing less than Pind di lassi, we actually mean it. Our experts have decades of experience in the culinary field and so we choose just the right blend of ingredients to make your lassi a perfect thirst quencher. Richday lassi doesn’t just feel like heaven on the taste buds, but it is also a delight to beat summers with poise and grace.

Healthy Ingredients Packed with Electrolytes

There are no preservatives packed in our instant lassi mixes. Our drinks are made from salt, cumin, fruit juice powder, stabilizer, curd powder, and acidity regulator. We mix what we say. There are no added colors or toxins so you can rest assured when you make the instant lassi for your family.

Easy to make

Isn’t it hectic to churn out the perfect glass of lassi? People generally go for carbonated drinks because lassi is too hard to make. Ranging from mixing the curd to seasoning and blending the spices, everything needs to be perfect to get you that spicy, creamy, frothy glass of lassi. Cut the fuss because now all you need to do is to mix the packet in a glass of water and Voila! Your glass of tasty and healthy instant lassi is ready.