Gulab Jamun Mix 200gm

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Gulab jamun mix is a milk-solid-based South Asian sweet, notably popular in India, Gulab jamun is most preferred dish to take as a dessert for the people of India. Gulab Jamun has always been used in various festivals of India so that's why Rich Day presents Instant Gulab jamun. which is juicy & tasty.

The classic Indian dessert usually enjoyed during festive occasions might seem impossible to make at home but can actually be made at home. Richday Gulab Jamun Mix is made easy to do the same.

Ingredients - 

Relevant Wheat Flour ( 46% ), Skimmed Milk Powder, Edible Vegetable Fat, Wheat Semolina, Raising Agent ( INS 500 (all) ), Activity Regulator ( INS 296 )

Total trans fat content not more than 0.7 percent by weight. Total saturated fat content not more than 7.5 percent by weight Hydrogenated vegetable fat used contains trans fat.  

  • Sourced Organically : Richday is particular about sourcing all ingredients organically and sustainably to ensure the best taste and quality in all the products. We do not use any chemical preservatives, making it absolutely safe for all ages. Your well-being is our priority and we take care of that with utmost priority.
  • The Goodness of Health and Taste : No all-purpose flour here! We only use wheat flour and wheat semolina to keep the calorie count to a minimum, presenting you with the best and unique form of a healthy dessert. The perfect blend of ingredients gives you the softest Gulab Jamuns with a balanced sweetness. Our little balls of perfection will literally melt in your mouth.
  • Easy to Make : We have cut down the preparation time in a few simple steps with our Gulab Jamun Instant Ready Mix. Mix the dry ingredients in dough and fry till brown in ghee. Let it soak in sugar syrup till soft and your favorite Gulab jamun is ready to serve. 

Cooking Directions -

1. Mix entire packet of Gulab Jamun mix with 75-80ml water and make a smooth dough. 

2. Apply ghee/oil on palms and make round shape balls with without any cracks on it. Fry on medium flame till golden brown.

3. Soak the fried jamuns in hot syrup for 30 minutes. Heating the jamuns with syrup makes the jamun soft.

Recipe for Sugar Syrup - Mix 750gm sugar with 800ml water and boil, smear for 5 minutes on low flame. You can add few strands of saffron and green cardamom powder for better taste.