Instant Khaman Dhokla Mix 200gm

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RICHDAY presents the khaman dhokla mix. It is known to be one of the most popular and preferred dishes of Gujarat you can also use it as breakfast & you can also use it in lunch or dinner as the main course ." Richday Khaman Dhokla" blend is not only balanced for taste but yummy and tasty as well.

  • Now Make Super Soft, Light and Airy Khaman Dhokla at your place using Richday's Khaman dhokla
  • Sourced Organically and Processed with Care : All ingredients used to make our Khaman Dhokla Instant Ready Mix are sourced organically and responsibly. Only the best stuff are used to make this scrumptious culinary delight. We bring the health and taste to your palate with care. 100% natural with no chemical preservatives.
  • Quality Assurance : The ready-to-eat snack comes with a boost of health grade ingredients that attest to the exceptional quality of the Khaman Dhokla Instant Ready Mix. From sourcing to processing, all our raw materials and finished products go through multiple quality checks to ensure that we offer only the best to you.
  • The Goodness of Health : Perfect for fitness nuts, Richday’s Khaman Dhokla mix is a healthy blend with a very low-calorie count suitable for all ages, from kids to the elderly. Even on a diet, you can have this appetizing snack without worrying about disturbing your Kcal intake.
  • Easy to Make : Mix the ingredients in a bowl with water and a splash of oil. Grease a square or round tray and pour the mixture to microwave (5 – 6 mins) and steam (10 – 15 mins) and just like that your Khaman Dhokla is ready to serve. Enjoy it with a drizzle of green or tamarind chutney.