Instant Coconut Drink

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Richday Instant Coconut Drink added with sugar. Nothing like a glass of coconut drink to refresh you, even on the hottest and most tiring days.

Electrolyte and Potassium

Coconut water is one delicious elixir with potassium and other electrolytes. If you want your body to be in shape, then coconut water can be a treat to a tropical gateway.

Better Than Artificial Energy Drinks

Artificial energy drinks are filled with sugar, colors, preservatives, and sometimes caffeine and minute quantities of alcohol. Instead of having something that has a toxic side, you can always rely on coconut water as a natural solution to quench your thirst and provide you energy.

Cut the Fuss

Despite loving coconut water, most people don’t have it because it isn’t that easy to break a coconut and extract the water. But we make it easy for you. Now all you have to do is to get your packet of coconut water and you can have it without all the tiresome process.

Affordable and Healthy

At Richday we believe that if you drink good, and do good, you will feel good. This is why we bring you the finest coconut water at the lowest possible prices. You can say that we bring you health in attractive packaging to soothe your soul and please your taste buds.