Peri Peri Sprinkler

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Richday peri peri sprinkler is made from sun-dried chilies to add rich, spicy and tangy taste and a unique aroma to your dishes.

  • If you are stuck between finding the perfect balance of spicy and tangy, then Richday peri-peri masala is your solution. It will feel like an explosion of flavors on your taste buds. You get the texture of spice and nice with every bite and it brings in all the drama in your palate that you want.
  • Richday Peri-peri sprinkler is a premium seasoning for anything ranging from basic fried, wedges, and nuggets to fancy pasta and spaghetti. Created by the culinary connoisseurs, our peri peri masala is one of its kind because of the finest ingredients selected from the organic farms.
  • Smelling food isn’t just for master chefs; it should be mandatory for everyone because the smell of your food is responsible for increasing or decreasing your appetite. Richday peri peri masala brings a unique aroma to your food and imparts a more savory scent to wake up your appetite.
  • All our products are made from the finest ingredients, and we leave no stones unturned to keep the flavors intact. So instead of grinding hours in your kitchen, buy your peri-peri sprinkler and create extraordinary tastes out of ordinary dishes.